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Just wanted to share a few comments and notes from some of my fans. I love to hear from you!
If you have comments about the music or art please Send me an email.

I Have Just listened to you on the New Music page - and have now come over to your page - to listen to all of your music - you have a great voice.

Love & Hugs Rosemarie
(Barnsley UK)

Dear Michael, Well, your music is awesome, BUT your newest offering of "Angels" is superb. I enjoyed each and every song, especially the last, "Why Do We Need So Many Angels." Your voice is mellow and full of inflection at the same time and that guitar just sings! Thanks for making such beautiful music, Michael, and keep up your wonderful work. I love your music!!!!!!

Your Friend, Jackie
P.S. ("Fire Mountain" is a favorite too!)

Dear Michael, Thank You so much for two beautiful songs that I will treasure forever. I'll Wait For You and His Simple Dreams. I am so proud to have you as my friend. You came into my life when I needed a friend after my uncle Mike passed away. You keep him alive in my heart with his tribute song (I'll Wait For You) Angels really do come into one's life when needed. Somehow you were meant to fly into my life. Your music and songs, always takes me away from the crazy things in this world, to a paridise filled with love,warmth and most of all PEACE. Thank you for just being YOU!

Your Friend forever, Sharon

I was just doing a LoFi Play of your entire page and to my suprise I heard some of the most tasteful guitar solos that I think I have ever heard. I don't remember the names of the songs but when the solos kicked in my ears just lit up. Are you the one playing the acustic guitar for the solos? Just wanted to let you know in fact I want everyone to know. I have played guitar for 15 years now and I know what is good. And what is very very good. Check this guy out when he plays that guitar.

Jimmy Rupert





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